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Winter Days

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

I’ve found one benefit of foggy mornings.. when it finally clears, the whole world is bathed in fuzzy outlines of silvery whiteness.

Today the air was crisp and the very trees crackled as I trotted past them on a brisk walk with Buster.

Nothing pleases the two of us more than to head out across the pasture or field with lungfuls of fresh frigid air and the quiet stillness of nature.

We had a delightful week in balmy Arizona over the Christmas season. I never get my fill of real Mexican food, the statuesque mountains guarding the valley, and spending time with childhood friends and family.

The only problem being that we readily climatized to the 65* weather. Coming back to snow, fog, and cold was a-bit of a shock.

After Christmas, we headed out to Nebraska on the truck. Ross found a tractor for sale that caught his eye. Lo and behold, the guy selling it turned out to be a former neighbor of ours back in the Arizona days! Small world. Truly.

We were fortunate to have dry roads and good driving weather so the trip was highly uneventful. We spent a lovely evening and part of a day with some family.

Back at home, I’ve been starting to acquire items for my baby room. And having a small fit of cleaning attacks. The pantry and several closets have underwent major organization/deep-cleaning.

The other day as I parked at Walmart, I happened to notice an elderly lady wandering slowly around the parking lot with a puzzled look on her face. It was a cold damp day and raindrops were just beginning to splatter across my windshield. After watching her meander up and down aisle 4 several times, I concluded that she must have lost her vehicle. So I hopped out and helped search. All she knew was that it was a grey Ford Taurus. I trotted up and down between the rows of cars until I found one that matched the description. Then guided her carefully over to it. She was not completely convinced it was her car but when she hit the remote button, the trunk of said car popped open. I popped her now-sodden grocery bags inside and headed in to do my own shopping.

Ross has acquired a smoker of sorts from a neighbor so we are anxiously waiting for the days he will be home long enough to try it out. I have a slab of pork just waiting to be seasoned.

And to end with, here’s a bit of humor borrowed from a friend..

Tim bought two goldfish. He named them One and Two. If One dies, he still has Two.

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