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The Evolution of a Parent

Of Child-Training..

1st child - every misdemeanor properly dealt with and taken care within minutes of happening.

2nd child - most naughtiness dealt with in a timely manner, occasional things overlooked so mom can keep up with the laundry, dishes, and bookwork

3rd child - "if I let the toddlers fight it out in the bathtub maybe I can finish feeding the baby and get supper started before 8:30 pm"

Of Sleeping..

1st baby - properly sleep trained to be in her crib all night at a very young age

2nd baby - slept with mom and dad so they could catch a few extra winks

3rd baby - "if you sleep with the sick one, I'll have the other toddler on the floor beside me and keep the baby alive"

Of Eating..

1st baby - gourmet meals, variety of food, enjoyed in leisure altogether

2nd baby - simple meals, mom's portion scarfed down a bit quicker

3rd baby - mom throws a pan of leftovers on the table, while holding a bottle in the baby's mouth with her chin and cleans up a spilled glassful of juice with her free hand

Of Baths -

1st baby - baths every day, mom gets to shower most mornings too but peeks out nurmerous times to make sure the baby is still ok

2nd baby - baths several times a week, mom gives up trying to take a shower alone in peace and climbs in the bathtub with the two girls. Snug.

3rd baby - baths happen sporadically, if mom gets a shower, it's when dad gets home in the evening to keep the house from falling down

Of Mowing..

1st baby - mom mows during nap time with the baby monitor held tightly to her ear or with baby strapped in the carrier

2nd baby - mom mows while holding a toddler on her lap and the baby monitor to her ear. The lawn looks curvy.

3rd baby - the lawn mower sits on the yard for days, occasionally a strip of lawn gets mowed with 1 toddler on lap and 1 standing beside on the running board. "We hope the baby isn't screaming inside because I don't have enough hands to hold the monitor by my ear"

Of Feeding the Newborn..

1st baby - mom's feet up, cozy with blankets, leisurely nursing baby for 45 minutes at a time

2nd baby - mom reads numerous books and sings hundreds of songs to keep toddler entertained while feeding baby

3rd baby - did you know 4 humans, 3 blankets, 7 books, and 2 dolls with bottles can all fit in a medium-sized recliner at the same time??

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