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And then there were 3 (under 3)

Someday (if we survive that long) I'm going to look back on this blog and I'll read this post, and probably shake my head incredulously. Maybe I'll laugh or maybe I'll cry. I don't know.

What I do know is that we're 3 weeks in and the house is still standing and everyone is still alive. Remarkable, really.

The first week or so after baby boy arrived, Ross did an outstanding job of playing Mr. Mom. I learned a lot of new techniques from him. For instance, a great way to comb the girls' hair. Just take a small portable vacuum and hold the hose so it sucks all the hair where you want it to go. Presto! Quickly put a hair deal in and you have a perfect pigtail with no combing involved.

I also found out that he can scramble eggs better than I do. Much to my dismay and his glee.

My niece has now come out to stay with us for a much too short of time, I'm afraid. She's exactly what we needed to keep afloat and the chilluns love her to pieces already.

I'm finding out that the days fly by at a very rapid pace and there just isn't enough time to give everyone. You know how babies and little children are. They could soak up 24 hours a day of mom just cuddling, reading, feeding, and playing with them. Then add in a husband, a home, and regular duties.

That's the hardest part. Trying to stretch the time and energy. And feeling guilty when it doesn't quite reach far enough.

Thank God for daddy's and nanas and family to fill in the gaps.

Ravielle is a mini mother. She loves to hold Evan, put his paci in, and talk to him.

Rilla was un-interested at first. Toys were much more interesting. But now occasionally she pats him, turns on the bouncer for him, and sticks out her arms to hold him.

Buster is mostly disgruntled that we stay in the house so much.

In another world if I had any sway, I would make a law so there weren't so many appointments and things a new mom is supposed to go do during the first few months.

Goodbye for now, I'm heading back under for a week or two. I'll resurface when I can and update further.

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