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The Happiest of Valentines

Valentine’s Day is a special day for us as a couple. It all started 4 years ago on a sunny Oregon day.

I stood beside my silver Honda Accord, my fingers wrapped around the door handle but too scared to open it. I was really hoping there would be some roses or a card inside, but I realized that my hopes most likely were sky-high and would come crashing down in a shatter of dreams the minute I looked inside.

Finally I got up my nerve, yanked open the door, and plopped onto the seat. No roses. I felt my heart beginning to plummet. Then my eyes caught a glimmer of red underneath some paraphernalia. THERE WAS A CARD!

And it was from HIM!!! The tall blond good-looking Texas-drawling HIM!

And that’s where it all officially began. The moment I realized that this was serious. The-rest-of-my-life-kind-of-serious.

And it’s only gotten better. Love truly gets better with time. The electric touch fades slowly, the sky-high emotions ease down, but the love…the real true deep love only gets better. The friendship tightens. The memories stack up.

Tonight we celebrated in our favorite style. A romantic supper for two in our own kitchenette. Grilled Bacon Burgers Exquisite, Scrumptious Twice-Baked Potatoes, Wonton-Smoked Almond-IceBerg Salad, with Butterfinger Trifles to top it off.


  1. There is someone to talk to at any given time about anything.

  2. I always have someone to tease, to hug, to love.

  3. It’s like having a personal massage therapist except cheaper and I don’t get massages as often.

  4. Having someone to cook for.

  5. It’s having a built-in road trip buddy, a partner in crime, and a personal cheerleader.

So here’s to my husband! For being all that and so much more.

I love how he takes care of me, how he keeps working to be a better man… Even on days I fail to be a better woman.

Stay tuned to my blog..recipe for the Butterfinger Trifle coming in next post!

Comment below! I’d love feedback from my readers. Tell me anything…what you are doing for Valentine’s Day, your love story, if you like chocolate or roses, your favorite food, or if you liked my blog!

Till next time!

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