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So God Made A Trucker’s Wife (Part 2)

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

And on the 10th day, God looked down on the Trucker and said, “It is not good for him to be alone.”

So God made a Trucker’s Wife.

God said, “I need a woman strong enough to get up multiple times with a baby in the night, yet also wake up when her trucker gets home late to fix him supper. I need her to rise early and warm his truck before he leaves in the morning.

I need a woman who loves her truck driver so much she sheds a few tears when he’s gone at night. Yet independent enough that she can keep the place going for weeks on end by herself.

So God made a Trucker’s Wife.

God said, “I need someone who will be flexible with meals and take supper out at 11 pm to her hungry man when he passes through town. I need someone who can pack up the baby, diaper bag, and a meal in 10 minutes flat.

I need someone who will take her small child out on the road with her Daddy. For quality time spent with loved ones is more important than schedules.

So God made a Trucker’s Wife.

And God said, “I need someone who can visit with anyone. The heater-fixing man, the guy that comes to load hay, and the neighbors.

I need a woman intelligent enough to run errands, pick up parts, tires, and oil from town; yet humble enough to hand her phone over to the salesman and ask him to call her husband when the brand she’s supposed to get is out of stock.

So God made a Trucker’s Wife.

And God said, I need a woman who can drive a four wheeler while holding a baby to get the cows back in. Then fix the fence with baling twine well enough to last till her truck driver gets home.

I need someone who can change a diaper and feed a baby anywhere. A tractor, swather, semi truck, or in the shop. I need someone who is not afraid to get greasy.

So God made a Trucker’s Wife.

God said, “I need someone patient enough to put up with small things around the house that remain unfinished, yet capable enough to fix the things on her own that can’t wait.

I need a woman who can keep her sanity after days and days of being alone with a fussy baby.

Someone who breaks down sometimes but always says a prayer and starts back over. Because no matter how hard it is, she will never give up.

God bless all you trucker wives out there!!

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