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Slightly Laughable

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

There are few times that I actually manage to pull a good trick or scare on Ross, but occasionally I manage one.

A couple years back, we were heading across Highway 12, winding our way to a lumber mill to load.

It was a snowy situation. We may both have been a bit weary of trucking by that time. I was leaning across from the passenger seat, steering the truck, pulling flatbed trains, as Ross studied the GPS route.

(This route studying is an integral part of being a CDL holder with “doubles” printed on your license. There may have been a time or two we had previously gotten ourselves into a difficult situation where we could not back out of.)

He was intently zooming in on the location, planning a suitable plan of action.

Just then I happened to notice a good ole landmark that we always talked about every time we came this way.

3 oversized minions standing out in a hayfield, cheerfully surveying the highway traffic.

Without further delay, I hollered, “THERE’S THE MINIONS!!!”

The GPS went flying. Ross leaped 4 inches off his seat and grabbed wildly for the steering wheel.

The hilarity of my unplanned scare struck me then, and I laughed so hard I could hardly steer straight.

I don’t know what he thought was about to happen to us when I yelled, but I must commend him on his quick reaction.

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