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The Trucker

Morning fog hangin’ over the blacktop.

Glow of the sun coming up in the east.

Eighteen gears and a flat top.

Dusty dash and a worn-out air ride seat.

Grease stains on a ball cap.

Put a U-joint in last night to make the week.

Pages gone in a log book.

Too many miles and hours in this ole seat.

Black coffee from a truck stop.

You get used to it after ten years on the road.

Got a funny noise that won’t stop but,

I guess we’ll check on that after we drop this next load.

Just another hard-earned day out on the highway.

Listening to the purr beneath this hood.

Didn’t plan on being at it for this long but,

Guess I’m trying to burn the diesel from my blood.

MWL 12-21-21

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