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Quick Easy Meals

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

I imagine that for all farmers and their wives across America, it’s an extremely busy season. The time of year that you need to freshen up your superwoman powers and turn out 15-minute meals. So here’s a list of quick and easy meals I’ve been turning to!

These have been a few of our lunches and suppers lately 😊

  1. Creamy Chicken Pasta

  2. Crunchy Loco Tacos

  3. Hobo Meals

  4. Taco Salad

  5. Ritz Cracker Chicken

  6. Sausage Tacos

  7. Cheeseburgers

  8. Pizza Quesadillas

  9. Sloppy Janes

  10. Mesquite Chicken Tacos

  11. Skillet Enchiladas

  12. Southern Poutine (This is only a fast meal if you have leftover ingredients.)

Southern Poutine is our latest favorite food. Ross actually came up with this meal idea and it is truly delicious. (Why do I sound so shocked lol)

One day we were eating Fried Sausage Links with Cream Gravy and Baked Macaroni. (I believe I was out of potatoes for mashing.) The gravy happened to meet up with the macaroni and a new recipe was born. The next week we tried Baked Macaroni smothered in Roast Beef Gravy with Roast Beef on the side. That was an equally scrumptious combination. I am partial to the way Ross’s mom makes Baked Macaroni and Roast Beef so in all reality, if you use a different recipe, the results could be completely unfavorable.

So try at your own risk! But if Ross likes it, that’s saying quite a bit!

If you are needing a recipe for any of these meal ideas, I’ll be glad to give you mine. Just comment below 😊

I’d love to hear from you all! I’m always in need of new meal inspiration 🙃

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