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Sheet Pan Meals

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

With the flurry of busyness the last couple weeks, I’ve jumped on board the one-dish-meal bandwagon. And I must admit I am hooked!

It all started while I was redoing my kitchen cupboards. Monday morning found me moving every dish, lid, utensil, pan, and other random forgotten artifacts (found at the very backs of my cupboards and bottom of my drawers) into the diningroom/livingroom.

The process of cleaning, sanding, painting, distressing, and sealing took me the entire week. During this time, the fridge and stove were nearly meeting in the middle of the kitchen so I could easily get to the walls and cabinets around them. Needless to say, I did not want to spend a lot of time preparing meals in this state of haphazardness.

Ross was gone to Arizona on the truck. So one day for lunch, I laid some parchment over a cookie sheet and spread out 2 tilapia fillets and some frozen broccoli and cauliflower.

Next I drizzled them with a bit of olive oil and sprinkled them with seasonings. Not even sure what I used…most likely whatever was within closest reach!

Turned the oven on 400-425*F. and let it bake until the fish was flaky and the veggies tender-crisp.

Reasons to be impressed:

  1. Fast and easy

  2. Used only one pan for the whole meal

  3. Didn’t even have to wash that one pan because I used parchment paper to keep it clean.

  4. Healthy and tasted good. (I really should list those separately to make my list look longer!)

Another day I did chicken and sweet potato fries. Also pronounced delicious.

Yesterday Ross was home for supper so I decided to try one out on him. For those of you that have my cookbook, Meals to the Fields and More…I used the recipe for Oven-Roasted Chicken & Vegetables on page 164.

For those of you that don’t have my cookbook, now would be a great time to order one! 😜

Before baking

Ready to eat!

I loved this recipe..I think I mostly followed it as written. Except I didn’t have jalapeno on hand or sausage.

The hubby ate seconds or possibly thirds, I lost track so I’d say that was a good sign. (Never mind that he pushed most of the veggies to the side and I ate them.)

I’d love to hear about your favorite one-pan-oven-meals!

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