Happiness Is…

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

  1. A gorgeous harvest moon peeping through the livingroom window as I rock my baby to sleep

  2. The never-ending laundry caught up (momentarily)

  3. 5 whole hours of sleep in one stretch

  4. Indirect compliments (if you don’t often get direct compliments, listen for the indirect ones 😉

  5. Baby smiles and long “conversations”

  6. fresh apricots off our very own fruit trees, the first crop of their lives

  7. playful orange kittens

  8. Rides with Ross in the truck and ordering Freddys to the grain elevator for supper

  9. Changing water on a hot day, the water from the wheel line sprinklers feels sooo good on a 105* day!

  10. Blooming flowers.. glorious ghalardia, daisies, garden phlox, trumpet vines, lush fragrant honeysuckle, and so many more

  11. Meeting new babies, thinking of all the good times these 3 little girls will have together growing up..

  12. Ready-made food in the freezer that’s easy to heat and quick to serve

  13. getting mail from friends!

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