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Every Single Piece of the Puzzle Is Needed

Just wanted to capture a few of my thoughts from the last while..

It really struck home to me lately (with the world situation as it is) that every person’s job is so important!

Sure, the doctors’ and nurses’ jobs and what they can do is beyond valuable. But could they do what they need to if they didn’t have grocery stores/restaurants to buy food to keep them going?

Could the restaurants/grocery stores keep providing food if it weren’t for the truck drivers who bring it to them?

Could the truck drivers keep bringing the food if it weren’t for the farmers and factories that make this food available to be delivered?

Could the farmers grow the food if it weren’t for the tractor/equipment dealers and seed companies who keep them supplied with the necessary components?

It’s a never-ending chain. And if one or more links are missing, the wonderful pattern of events that makes our world work so smoothly comes to a screeching halt and there is uproar.

I just want to give my thanks to all the working people out there. ❤️ No matter if you are a grocery clerk, a dishwasher, a doctor, a farmer, a road construction worker, or a dental hygienist…or one of the hundreds of other jobs I could mention, you fill an amazing place in the world that so smoothly operates on a normal basis.

Thank you.

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