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So God Made A Trucker’s Wife

And on the 10th day, God looked down on the Trucker and said, “It is not good for him to be alone.”

So God made a Trucker’s Wife.

God said, “I need a woman strong enough to stay alone for weeks on end to keep the home fires burning, yet gentle enough to raise her children in a loving way.

I need a woman who loves her truck driver so much she will stay up for hours talking on the phone just to keep him awake as he drives. Yet independent enough that she can enjoy her time alone and fill it with things she loves to do.”

So God made a Trucker’s Wife.

God said, “I need someone who will be creative with food and find new ways to send a homemade meal out on the highway. I need someone who is flexible and willing to change plans at the drop of a hat.

I need someone who will go out on the road with the Trucker. Someone who will navigate, entertain, and support. Someone brave enough to shower in truck stops, cuddly enough to sleep in a small space, and willing to make do with less.”

So God made a Trucker’s Wife.

And God said, “I need someone who can socialize with anyone whether it’s at a truck stop, factory, or cafe. Yet be able to spend hours alone at home because it’s too awkward to go to social functions without a husband.

I need a woman intelligent enough to fix her own lawnmower and to change a tire, yet humble enough to call and ask a neighbor or friend for help.

I need a woman who is kind enough to give up weekend plans because when her truck driver finally comes home, he doesn’t want to go anywhere.”

So God made a Trucker’s Wife.

God said, “I need someone that can put up with a life others can’t understand. To wholeheartedly support her truck driver in his dream.

I need someone who can cry their heart out in the shower, then dry off and face the world like everything’s fine.

Someone who will reach out to other lonely trucker wives. Someone who is understanding, courageous, and loyal. Because no matter how hard it is, she will never give up.”

God bless all you trucker wives out there!!

Written by: Joanie Nikkel 03/2020

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