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The Things Nobody Tells You…(musings from a first-time mom)

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

Nobody tells you that you really should grow an extra set of arms during pregnancy (along with everything else you’re growing). Cuz you’re really really gonna need more than just the two you have. They’d come in handy for driving swather and baler while essaying to feed and burp a floppy little baby at the same time. And for making supper. Because invariably the baby will cry and need to be held and fed right when your husband is fixing to walk in the door for supper.

Nobody tells you the sheer panic that wells up inside your mama heart when your precious little baby screams and cries and you have no idea why. Living with a newborn is comparable to moving in abruptly with a person from a foreign country. You both speak different languages but to live peaceably, you will need to figure out what the other is saying. Good luck with that!

Nobody tells you that some babies don’t know how to sleep through the night for very long stretches of time and that there are ways to help teach them these skills..

Nobody tells you how exhausted you will get. Sure they talk about being tired, but I mean the mind-numbing, emotion-crashing, overwhelming weariness after countless nights of 3-5 hours of sleep and no time during the day to nap. I look back now and really have no idea how I am still alive and kicking. Maybe the all-nighters I pulled in my youth are finally coming in handy 😂

Nobody tells you how important naps and sleep are for babies. And how very crabby they get on low sleep. (Crabby doesn’t begin to describe it though actually.)

Nobody tells you how loud everything sounds as soon as the baby does finally fall asleep. Floors creak twice as loudly, the door slamming sounds like a gunshot, and your husband’s voice seems to be nearly deafening.

Nobody tells you that motherhood is just a series of thinking you finally have it figured out and then the next day everything changes and you really have no idea what you’re doing after all.

Nobody tells you the amount of excitement you feel when someone texts you that they made a freezer meal for you. Simple joys, I know. 😅

Nobody tells you that you are the very best mama there could ever be for your baby. But it’s true. You really are ❤️

crib with mobile and stars on walls in baby nursery

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