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Passed a cheery girl in a straw sun hat - a right-friendly face that I’d like to chat.

An old farm pop who gave a curt nod, rocking overalls on his worn-out bod.

I passed 6 ducks floating still and serene. Brown cows grazing on pastures of green.

Horses, donkeys, and dogs galore

Goats, sheep, and probably more…

I careened down steep hills; crawled up the other side. (Thank goodness, what I’m pulling isn’t very wide!)

I drooled over yard art, placed strategically. Made a mental list of what I’m coming back to see.

Then as I was sitting all chill, debonair…Here comes a fat yellow jacket out of thin air!

Believe you me, I quick took off my shoe-I was ready to show him a smart thing or two!

Nearly ran off the road tryin’ to swat and shift gears, he had me so distracted I plumb forgot to steer!

Stomped on the brake to avoid hitting a sign, swerved back quick, then hit the center line.

Eventually Mr. Bee crawled deep into a crack. He seemed to stay put so I relaxed and leaned back.

Passed a fellow farm wife out dragging the hay. The sun sure is shining; it’s a beautiful day!

Just another week on an Oregon farm..All’s well that ends well. No cause for alarm! 😄

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