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Thoughts on Life, Spring, Food, and Miracles

…and getting locked in bathroom stalls at truck stops. Most times I think it’s great when the doors go clear down to the floor. Gives a person more of a feeling of privacy. But when you get locked inside one and the space down at the bottom is real small, you start rethinking.

Thankfully after awhile I heard someone come in the door so I hollered for help. This kind human actually got the door open from the outside and I barreled out in relief.

Besides that, life has been fairly normal. As normal as this life can be in this uncertain world. We’ve been juggling trucking, farming, shop work, and yard maintenance.

Spring has truly sprung. The days are heating up and lately I have been busy with my hose, digger tools, and flower fertilizer.

Buster has been my right-hand-man, at my elbow with everything I do. When I dig in my flowerbed, he paws furiously beside me and snuffles in the dirt. When I pick up tumbleweeds, he latches onto them; then tries to start a game of tug of war. If we are working in the shop, he is right in the midst of everything, the epitome of curiosity. But all fun and games aside, he is turning out to be a fine gopher dog and catches one every few days!

Trees are greening and blossoming, the lilacs are on the verge, and my bulbs are full on-duty. The lawn is greening, especially now that we started the irrigation system.

I wanted to share a yummy meal idea with you that I came up with the other day. It was born of leftovers and laziness but turned out to be a real keeper.

So I had a leftover baked potato.. the kind where we had rubbed the potatoes with salt, pepper, and butter; wrapped them individually in foil, then baked partially in the oven and finished on the grill. (The electricity went off but we liked the grill effect so well we might do it again, this time on purpose!)

I also had some fried sausage. (Now we like to grind and season our own sausage so I do believe this made it extra good but I bet it would be tasty with Jimmy Dean as well.)

I smashed the baked potato, then layered sausage on top, next scattered on a bit of shredded cheddar cheese, and microwaved until hot. Then I threw some crunchy bacon bits on and drizzled with Ranch dressing. Mmmm mmm mmm.

Miracles.. I believe in them. Some call it all luck but I call them miracles.

So Ross was driving over Snowqualmie Pass this last week and his fuel band broke on the driver’s side fuel tank. Now with a 1,000 pounds of fuel thudding to the asphalt at 70 mph this could have instantly turned into a fiery disaster.

I believe in miracles now even more than before.

Wishing you all a happy Thursday ❤️

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