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Quite the Week

It’s been quite a week or two. The days seem to run together and it’s hard to know when one week is starting and the other ending.

There was the day I unknowingly dumped my dad-in-law’s one and only working grease gun into the trash pit along with the rest of the trash out of the shop. And yes, the pit was set afire before we realized what had happened.

There was the day I locked the keys in the pickup at the truck stop which was a good 30 minutes from the emergency set of keys.

Hip There were the 2-3 days my husband and I stayed up all night to get a truck remodel job done so the customer could pick it up on time. Talk about tiredness hitting a person.

There was the 2 AM scenario where we found a lady lying in a ditch, badly hurt and unable to move.

Another unique happenstance that occurred is that I lost my sense of taste/smell. Being the huge foodie that I am, I will admit it is traumatizing to eat what normally tastes so delicious and now not be able to taste a thing. It plumb takes away the desire to eat. Great for a diet plan but entirely inconvenient when trying to cook for others. “How much salt should I add? Does this need more garlic?” Who knows!?

I’ve had a lot of colds/flus in my life but this is the first one to affect my sense of taste so dramatically. Each morning I rush to the refrigerator and taste a bite of the first thing I see, hoping today that it will be back. So far no such luck.

Last but not least, the weather has been predictably unpredictable. Sunshine one minute, the next minute snow is flying. One hour it’s windy, the next we feel the effects of an earthquake not far away.

But there have been blessings among the crazy. I believe there always will be something to be thankful for if we look hard enough.

We are still able to worship God with others on Sunday’s, thanks to current technology.

My chickens are still popping out eggs each day.

It rained enough the other day that I won’t have to start my irrigation system quite yet.

Ross still has loads to haul on the truck. (I am so very thankful for our work these days.)

I have friends and family to talk to anytime I feel the need. Not in person of course but a phone call/text/email often helps lift the spirits.

Stay safe you all and count your blessings! (And if you do happen to lock your keys in your vehicle, make sure you first have removed the sheets and blankets for the truck because it’s not that much fun to sleep on a bare mattress with all your warm clothes on.)

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