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Oh Time, Slow Dow

That feeling when your baby/toddler is sitting on your hip.

Your arm is around them, your hand holding their thigh.

And their hand, almost per reflex, is holding on to the top of your arm.

Almost locked in.

The two of you are merged into one little unit.

And throughout early motherhood, you’ve become an expert at this position.

You can do almost anything in it.

You can cook and clean.

Brush your teeth.

Load the dishwasher. Unload it again.

Eat in it. Feed your child in it.

Grocery shopping. Walking. Talking.

You bought so many baby wraps and carriers, but this is always the good old faithful go to.

It soothes and distracts and bonds.

Most of your day is spent in it.

And it feels like your hip will never be unaccompanied every again.

A little person always mere minutes away from being asked to get back up on it.

And then.

In a blink of an eye.

Suddenly it is.

Suddenly they’re too big for the hip.

Too heavy and distracted.

They don’t need it like they used to.

And your back will thank you.

Finally being straight and unscewed.

Both your hands finally free to be fully efficient at all times.

But your poor hip will feel lonely.

Empty and without a purpose.

Missing those times when a little human was it’s faithful companion 24/7.

What does is a hip to do, if not support a little human?

Your arm will miss the little hand the gripped on tight.

Oh time. Slow down. Just a little.


Written by The Mommy Poet

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