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My Week in a Pea Pod

My Week in a Pea Pod. (It’s like saying “in a nutshell” only way more interesting.)

— One day I received an email. It began “Hi, I am Chuck, the Truck Duck.” Too bad it had to be spam after such a great introduction.

— “You are not a chicken,” I told Buster Bear as he crunched on the piece of red cabbage that I chunked into the chicken pen. He only wagged his tail and crunched louder.

— Lesson learned – The faster you try to climb through a barbed wire fence, the more clothes will get caught on the barbs. At one point leggings, dress, and coat were all hooked.

— Breakfast is much better if eaten with your best friend on the floor with a blanket draped over the furnace vent to make a warm cocoon.

— Relationship Tip: You can’t possibly please everyone, but if you have love in your heart, and you’re doing the best you can, your inner happiness does not have to be dependent upon others. (Thank you “Mom” for sharing this wisdom with me. I was needing it.)


— fear (fir), n. the feeling in the pit of your stomach when a stout wind comes up as you’re out burning fencerows

— <Quick Menu Idea>– Cook spaghetti noodles to al dente. Heat a bit of Classico Four Cheese Alfredo sauce along with some leftover canned chicken out of the fridge. Layer cooked pasta and alfredo mixture on plate. Garnish with some powdered Parmesan cheese. Dig in! Not too shabby for a 10-minute-meal!

Have a good weekend y’all!

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