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Life is Good

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

With a snap of its fingers, summer disappeared in a whirl of watering wheat, trapping gophers, and a final soaking of the flowerbeds and lawns.

Fall burst in with vibrant yellow leaves, crisp air, and that feeling of brisk energy infused into everything. Everything except me. Who would have thought one tiny little someone inside you could sap your energy and turn your normal hard-working self into an near-couch potato. I never expected it, but it’s been true for nearly a month.

Thankfully life somehow manages to continue revolving even when the laundry piles higher on the floor, the dishes stack deeper in the sink, and the leaves collect in huge drifts outside. I am so grateful for my understanding husband and my mom who came all the way over to rescue me for a day or two.

Little acts of kindness go a long way.

This week I feel back to nearly normal. I do believe I appreciate my energy and health more than I ever have before.

Buster is fine, if not more so. He seems to have stolen all my extra energy and spends most his time bouncing around the yard in a constant state of enthusiasm. We dare not leave anything out of place around the yard or it will end up in many small pieces, strewn over the grass. As we found out with a stray flower pot, a towel that blew off the line, and a magazine that got forgotten on the four wheeler. After picking up the 329th page, I realized that he is teaching me to be tidy faster than I can teach him to behave.

The kittens are growing by leaps and bounds. Always running up when they hear the four wheeler, hoping for a freshly-trapped gopher. One night the front door was left open by mistake, and I came out in the morning to a couple cats jumping around my dining room and Buster snuggled on the couch. Not my normal morning view when I wake up, that’s for sure!

Ross has been trucking some…and in between, helping his dad around the shop and working on various truck projects. It’s good to have a little break from the usual monotony of scheduled loads. We’ve spent a couple evenings playing Phase 10 which nearly turns into a free-for-all fight when he wins the game for the umpteenth time. It’s a good thing he’s bigger than me. Lol

The days are feeling more and more chill, with a hint of snow flurries around the valley.

Time for Carhartt coveralls, stocking caps, and warm gloves.

We took a jaunt to Halfway, OR to get a load of cows the other week. Beautiful country with picturesque ranches tucked among the hills.

I’ll try to be more diligent with writing here the next while.. I do have a delicious recipe to share in the next few days. Even my particular-palated husband pronounced it delicious. (I’m not sure if “particular-palated” is even a word but it sounded better than outright saying picky eater. Haha!)

If there’s anything in particular, you’d like me to write about..please comment or let me know personally! Or let me know what your favorite of my past blog posts is!

Till next time..

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