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In Memory of Raquel

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Sunset tonight,

The clouds trimmed in gold.

Laced in pure splendor.

The evening turns cold.

Dark blue horizon

Speaks nearing rain

Reminds me of sorrow

Whispers of pain.

Across the valley

Spreads far as can be

Glimmers of glory,

Like heav’ns shining sea

I think of her wistfully

And wish that I knew

Her face, her sweet voice,

Her eyes sparkling blue

An angel in heaven..

She’s been there awhile.

Meanwhile her family

Is missing her smile.

I imagine I’m with her

To talk or just be

Together as sisters,

She sits beside me.

Sometimes I pretend that

She comes home to stay.

To be with us all,

Never venturing away.

But it’s all just a wish,

Passing flash through the night

Only a daydream

Whisked out of sight.

All I have now is hope

Of a reunion sweet.

On the green hills of heaven

At last we shall meet.

(In memory of Raquel, Ross’s sister that I never knew.)

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