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Updated: Dec 13, 2021

I am thankful for little things. The other day in a writing group, we were given the assignment of writing a list of 100 things to be grateful for.

It took a bit of thought to come up with that many. But once I got to the upper 90’s, even more blessings popped into my head and I could have continued for a good while.

Here is 100 blessings I am so very thankful for:

1.My goofy caring husband

2.A beautiful view of the valley

3.My hyper Buster Bear

4.Warm plush blankets

5.Aloe-Vera infused socks

6.Fabric waiting to be sewed

7.The fact that my bookwork is nearly caught up

8.A wood stove crackling

9.The cheerful mail lady who toots her horn until I race out of the house to receive the packages she brings

10.The ability to cook and try new recipes

11.Friends who text me out of the blue

12.Thank you cards

13.Kind neighbors who invite us for coffee/hot tea while we chat about land rental prices

14.Paychecks that come on time

15.Tall glasses of icy cold water

16.Crepes with cottage cheese and maple syrup

17.Fun evenings with a group of young couples our age

18.A warm smile from a stranger

19.Preparing a baby room…setting up a crib, buying a diaper bag. It’s so exciting, yet surreal.

20.Indoor plumbing

21.A warm shower when I’m chilled

22.A sunny day and piles of tumbleweeds burned

23.Cats that follow me everywhere I go outdoors, even on long walks!

24.Plans for the future

25.My husband’s interest in yard work (if only he had time for it!)

26.A low-key cleaning job

27.Huge downy snowflakes free-falling from curtain of grey

28.Audio books to make the quiet hours pass

29.Cookbook sales

30.Spring cleaning fits

31.Unearthing long lost treasures from boxes buried in the garage

32.A recliner for when I need to put my feet up

33.That pregnancy doesn’t last more than 9 months


35.Uncontrollable laughter

36.Friends that have had babies recently and give me all sorts of advice

37.Answered prayers

38.Borrowed clothes that fit


40.The feeling of satisfaction when you finish posting a tall stack of receipts

41.Sour gummy worms

42.Crunchy Cheetos

43.Christmas presents waiting to be opened and put to use

44.The ability to think and make decisions

45.Cookbooks and magazines to leaf through

46.A 4-wheel-drive pickup to get up our steep snowy drive

47.A devotional book

48.Baby kicks

49.The sound of jake brakes

50.Smoked meat made with love by my man

51.Work to do


53.Spring fever hitting early. (I need to get as much done as I can before May!)

54.The great big beautiful outdoors


56.Lungfuls of fresh crisp air

57.Ambition and the energy to carry it out

58.Good health

59.My laptop

60.Postal packages that get to their destinations on time (When you have one that takes 3 weeks and still hasn’t showed up to its new owners, you really appreciate the ones that get there speedily!)

61.Hot tea

62.A soft pillow


64.The ability to pray

65.A Still Small Voice to keep me on the narrow way

66.God’s Church

67.Homemade jean quilts

68.Hikes in the nearby mountains or my own back pasture

69.Card games to play on the truck

70.Hearing good things said about you behind your back

71.Grapefruit spoons

72.Hot dogs smoked to perfection in the smoker

73.A spare bedroom

74.Cousins that live nearby

75.Little children

76.Window blinds

77.A refrigerator to store leftover food in

78.A late Christmas program all the way from Malawi, Africa!

79.Paint that transforms cupboards, a room, or an entire house


81.Old friends

82.The feeling of “clicking” with a person you’ve never met before

83.Gopher traps

84.Clothes to wear at all stages of life

85.My husband’s jeans that got too small before I had to give in and patch their holes


87.Date nights in the truck with my hubby

88.Sleeping in


90.New recipes that turn out perfectly the first time


92.Experiences in life that teach us lessons

93.Christian schools

94.A Father in heaven

95.Full moons

96.The breathtaking beauty of nature

97.Hearing about good books from trusted sources

98.Fresh home-grown eggs



I challenge you to sit down and ponder all the blessings you’ve been given.

Jot them down, it only takes a few minutes!

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