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Get To Know Me And Mine

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Meet Buster. He entered our life a few months ago and wiggled and licked his way right into my heart. He is good at terrorizing the felines around the place, barking at strangers, digging deep holes in flower beds, and melting hearts with his endearing eyes. Oh and also, he is excellent at cuddling and being an exercise buddy. His boundless energy is a great incentive to get out and take a brisk walk. Buster and I are pals.

Meet the truck. This is where we spend hundreds of hours. Our wheels around the country. The “girl” that vies for my husband’s attention…who tries to get him to spend more time with her than with me. But I don’t mind too much because she is my means to a life of travel. Of seeing sights and places that before I only dreamed of on a map.

Meet the felines. They are the official mousetraps, dog swatters, and all-around good-natured friendly creatures. They are great companions for working in the yard.

Last, but not least, my husband Ross. The love of my life, goofy entertainer in hours of boredom, excellent listener, and fix-all-man. I would be incomplete without him. We are a team. He’s the driver and mechanic. I’m the cook, housekeeper, and bookkeeper. We both help each other out where needed. I spend time getting my hands greasy in the shop, and he fixes my dishwasher and washing machine when they break down. I think he’s a pretty good guy. (In fact, he’s the best out there! Sorry for the rest of you all!)

Oh, and then there’s me! You’ll get to know me through my blogs, I imagine, little by little. I am adventurous with a touch of old-fashioned ways in my blood. I love being outdoors; nature and fresh air make me feel alive. Baking and cooking are not just a chore to get over with, but a chance to be creative and spread some love. I love sitting down to eat at a restaurant filled with atmosphere. I love dark chocolate and fresh homemade bread straight out of the oven smeared with butter and honey. It’s hard to beat the sight of a freshly mowed lawn, straight manicured lines stretching out across the green expanse. I come from a family with creativity running in their veins, and whenever time allows I find it spilling out of me. In the form of writing, scrapbooking, crafting, or in my flowerbeds. One life is much too short to fit in everything I would like to accomplish. I will need about 8 lifetimes.

Because when you stop and think about it Life is pretty amazing
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