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Everyday Angels

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

nounkind people who pop up unexpectedly in my life and cause small miracles to happen. Someone who spreads love.

I run into these everyday angels nearly every time I go to town. I meet them at gas stations, parts stores, and in the Home Depot parking lot.

One day, a couple showed up at my house to help mow and weed in the yard.

Sometimes they come bearing groceries, or just to hold baby and bake cookies.

Often they appear in the form of a kind text or a heartfelt smile.

One everyday angel walked clear across the parking lot just to offer me assistance with loading numerous water softener salt bags into the pickup bed.

Everyday angels sprinkle love like confetti. They hold doors open, start conversations, and compliment strangers.

They are, in short, a little piece of heaven on earth.

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