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Beautiful Morning, Ain’t It?

The wind howled drearily around the truck cab, sometimes making the sleeper rock slightly. The sky was overcast and sullen.

Ross and I donned our Carhartts and gloves and set to work undoing the ropes that hold the tarps on the hay.

It was miserably difficult pulling the 29’ x 27’ tarp off. 140 pounds of heavy-duty canvas billowing in the wind makes for a fine kite. Or not.

The drivers of the orange Freightliner beside us were having just as much fun. One tall swarthy fellow and one short midget of a man. As I walked around the truck, the tall one intoned, “Beautiful morning, tho, ain’t it?”

I don’t know if there was sarcasm or truth in his words. But we each continued on our separate ways, and no more conversation was exchanged.

But his words stayed with me. Even as we sat for two hours waiting to get unloaded at the press.

I thought of them as we strapped down the steel pipe in the misting rain of Seattle. And as I jogged down the sidewalk to a dingy corner gas station.

No matter the weather, circumstances, people around me, or any factor in life, I can have a “beautiful morning”.

Wishing you all a lovely day!

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