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12 AM Thoughts

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

I mailed a package to Indiana on December 28. It arrived to its destination on January 30. I should be a postal worker for a month just to see what in the world goes on after normal unsuspecting people drop normal unsuspected packages with valid address labels and paid shipping off at the post office.

Speaking of normal unsuspecting people, I’ve been trying to hide vegetables in my husband’s food lately but he always manages to catch sight of them. Whether it’s one tiny pea smothered in a pile of creamy Mac-N-Cheese, or a carrot at the very bottom of a bowl of chicken noodle soup, he somehow sees it in a short amount of time. Meanwhile his wife drinks 2 entire glasses of orange juice without noticing that he has dropped a peppermint taffy into her cup before she even started.

Speaking of food, I’d really like a piece of cheesecake right now.

I wonder how hard it is to make cheesecake. I don’t even have a springform pan. Thinking about food makes me realize that I haven’t written a recipe blog post for quite some time.

Let me go jot that on my to-do list.

Speaking of to-do lists, I just read an article today that suggested every once in awhile we should make list of things we have accomplished instead of everything that needs to be done yet.

Not to boast or anything, but that would be a very long list. How would one know where to start from?

That almost makes me tired just thinking about everything I’ve done in my life. I should go to bed.


P. S. On my way to bed, I went around by way of the laundry room where I saw my pair of house shoes that I just invested in. They are comfy croc-like beasts. They bring a feeling of ambition just by slipping them on. I got the idea for house shoes from a blog I read lately. (I wonder if any of my blogs ever inspire anyone to do something they’ve never done before?) And also because my feet hurt.

Pregnancy… Some days I’m amazed there’s as many children in the world as there is. On other days I’m ready to have 8 more. Which explains why there is so many children in the world.

I really should go to bed.

One last pondering.. we’ve been through thick and thin…you remember thin, don’t you?

Good night. For real. I mean, good morning.

P.P.S. I wonder if boughten cheesecake from the grocery store is any good?

picture of cheesecake with raspberry topping and spoon

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