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Time’s Fun if You’re Having Flies

WAIT, WHAT? I haven’t been having any flies but the time has sure been fun.

Days seem to race past, and before I know it, they turn into weeks. Here’s a short rundown of life down Highway 20.

There’s been trucking. Passing the long hours with a thrilling audiobook. Catching up with the hubs and laughing at our own jokes.

There’s been Parts Runs…I’m the kinda girl that loves running for parts. Something about that feeling of being somewhat knowledgeable, walking up to the Case IH parts counter and announcing, “Yes, I’d like the hydrostat filter for a Hydro 100.” Or stepping up the the desk at Kenworth and rolling off the tongue, “I’ll take a water pump for a 3406 Cat.”

There’s been weeding and pruning going on. Spring is settling in Eastern Oregon. It shows in the daffodils leaping up, the forsythia blossoming, the trees and roses budding out, and the weeds popping up everywhere.

There’s been field work and mechanic-ing at the shop. Greasy jeans to wash and fencerows to burn. Alfalfa fields to harrow and gophers to trap.

But in-between the never-ending work, Ross and I made time for a fun evening. A homemade Escape Room with some of our friends proved to be some enjoyable hours.

There have been breathtaking sunsets, and gorgeous blue skies with fresh spring air rushing into my soul. A sudden thunderstorm with the smell of wet earth rising. There have been long thoughtful walks with Buster. Walks that clear out my head and get my soul back in tune with its Creator.

There have been phone calls and talks with friends. Advice, tips, experiences, and laughs shared.

There have been Charcoal-Grilled Cheeseburgers and Homemade Ice Cream. Which in fact I’d love to share the ice cream recipe with you. (On my next post.)

Last of all, here’s a quote I’ve been inspired with.

Remember that person you wanted to be? < THERE’S STILL TIME. >

Have a good week!

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